Radwański Zbigniew (wprowadzenie) - KC Kodeks Cywilny

ISBN: 8373877819
Wymiar: 125 x 195 mm
Nr wydania: 24
Seria: -
Ilość stron: 439
Ocena: Dobry
Waga: 0,50 kg
Indeks: 0165/48/0228
Rok wydania: 2006
Wydawca: C.H.BECK
Rodzaj okładki: Miękka
Autor: Radwański Zbigniew (wprowadzenie)
Stan: Używana

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Książka zawiera adnotacje i pieczęcie pobiblioteczne. Pozaginane rogi niektórych stron.

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When the fourth edition of the highly acclaimed Oxford Companion to the Theatre appeared, The Philadelphia Inquirer recommended it as their 1983 book for theater-lovers, calling it "the scorecard you need to keep the players straight--and the plays." Backstage hailed it as "an invaluable reference work of encyclopedic proportions." In fact, since the publication of the first edition of the Companion, this classic reference has become the standard source of information for theatregoers of all kinds.
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Książka pochodzi z księgozbioru prof. Błóńskiego.
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A young boy is asked to maintain the fiction that his father is alive. A young woman is shot at by a hunter. A schoolgirl dies in an exploding car. In Lives of the Poets, six tense, poignant, and mysterious stories are followed by a novella in which the writer emerges from his work to reveal his own mind. Here the images and the themes of the earlier stories become part of the narrator's unsparing confessions about his own life. Seperated from his family, he chronicles the edgy urban landscape around him, discusses marriages that fail but continue to entangle spouses, the influence of wives and other women, and the obsessions that haunt him. And in this brilliant, funny, and painful story about the story, the writer's mind in all its aspects - its formal compositions, its naked secrets - emerges as a rare look at the creative process and its connection to the heart.
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Volume II
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Russian Women Who Sacrificed Themselves for the dream of freedom
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