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Mosiołek - Kłosińska Katarzyna (red.) - Język perswazji publicznej

ISBN: 8371772572
Wymiar: 170 x 240 mm
Nr wydania: -
Seria: -
Ilość stron: 202
Ocena: Bardzo Dobry -
Waga: 0,36 kg
Indeks: 0078/35/0277
Rok wydania: 2003
Rodzaj okładki: Miękka
Autor: Mosiołek - Kłosińska Katarzyna
Stan: Używana
Wydawca: Wydawnictwo Poznańskie

Opis książki

W dniach 11-13 października 2001 roku dyskutowano w Poznaniu o tym, czym jest perswazja językowa. Okazją po temu było IV Forum Kultury Słowa, zorganizowane przez Radę Języka Polskiego przy Prezydium PAN. W spotkaniu wzięło udział ponad sto osób; większość stanowili językoznawcy, lecz nie zabrakło także psychologów, socjologów, politologów, specjalistów od retoryki i komunikowania społecznego. Ich głosy w dyskusji, podobnie jak teksty referatów, znalazły się w tym tomie.


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Praca stanowi analizę semantyczną konstrukcji w których:
1) Nie występuje podmiot wzgl. jest on nieokreślony lub uogólniony;
2) Fraza NP (nom) (+Hum) nie jest agensem;
3) Fraza formalna NP<nom> ma cechę semantyczną (-Anim);
4) Zakłada się istnienie latentego agnesa.
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Spis rzeczy:
I. Językoznawstwo ogólne
II. Językoznawstwo Indoeuropejskie
III. Język grecki
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Speaking of Events is one of the finest books ever written in the area of linguistics Linguistics This is a most instructive book, worth reading.
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In the early years of generative grammar it was assumed that the appropriate mechanism for generating syntactic structures was a grammar of context-free rewriting rules. The twelve essays in this volume discuss recent challenges to this classical formulation of phrase structure and the alternative conceptions proposed to replace it. Each article approaches this issue from the perspective of a different linguistic framework, such as categorical grammar, government-binding theory, head-driven phrase structure grammar, and tree-adjoining grammar. By contributing to the understanding of the differing assumptions and research strategies of each theory, this volume serves as an important survey of current thinking on the frontier of theoretical and computation linguistics.
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Scrambling and Binding in Hindi- Urdu.
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In this ambitious monograph, Manzini organizes and clarifies the voluminous evidence that exists on local dependencies according to a single, unified theory of Locality. Locality is a simpler and more comprehensive alternative to the barriers approach, the antecedent-based approach, and the connectedness approach, subsuming all the major locality principles (Subjacency, ECP, and binding theory) invoked in the other approaches and explaining a set of islands that remain refractory to those approaches.

The first chapter defines the empirical problem and provides an overview of the solution; it also introduces the three main alternatives to Locality theory. The second chapter presents Manzini's theory in detail and includes a unification of Subjacency and the antecedent-government clause of the ECP and a unification of the ECP internal disjunction between the antecedent-government and the head-government clause. In chapter 3, Manzini argues for the empirical superiority of Locality, offering data predicting that Complex NP islands, Tense islands, and Definiteness islands all belong to the same fundamental type while multiple WH-islands reflect the fact that at most two overlapping extraction paths are available at any given point in a derivation. The final chapter looks at binding, showing that it can be accounted for under the same Locality principle as movement but without the need for anaphors to move at any level of representation.
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Vagueness in language from Truth-Conditional synonymy to un - Conditional Polysemy.
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Resonance Elements in Phonology. A Study in Munster Irish
Third book from series Studies and Monographs published by the Polish Association for the Studyy of English. It is intended as an outlet for high-quality academic work in the filds of linguistics, literature, literary theory and other areas of current researcg being carried out in academic institutions dealing with English studies.
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The relationship between changes in (inflectional) morphology and the consequences of these changes in syntax has been a perennial issue in historical linguistics. The contributors to this volume address the issue of how to model the phenomena of syntactic and morphological change within recent frameworks, including the Minimalist Programme. Topics addressed include the way categories like aspect and mood interact over time with the valency of verbs; the nature of changes in verb placement; the changing division of labor between different types of argument marking--case, word order, clitics, agreement. The volume contains chapters by many of the leading scholars in the field. There is a substantial introduction which reviews the development of ideas in generative historical syntax over the last fifteen years, and assesses the distinctive properties of the generative position. The volume will appeal to those working in theoretical syntax, and also to specialists in the history of German, French and the Romance and Germanic languages more broadly.
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For some time it has been generally accepted by students of English grammar that a rule of Raising exists and that it functions to produce derived main clause subjects. Following Rosenbaum's work, it has also been widely accepted that this rule functions in a specified class of cases to derive main clause objects. However, in recent work, Chomsky has rejected the view that there is any Raising rule that produces derived main clause objects. According to his latest position, only the derived subject function of the rule is an actual feature of English grammar.On Raising is highly critical and is devoted chiefly to supporting the claim that English does contain a rule of Raising -- a rule that has the function of taking the complement subject noun phrase in certain complement constructions and reassigning it as a constituent of the main clause. The author presents something on the order of two dozen arguments that Raising produces derived objects. In the course of this discussion, he also considers various other theoretical and descriptive consequences of, and questions raised by, the existence of Raising.
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A valuable basic student edition illustrating the variety of subjects and narrative modes that engaged medieval storytellers and their audiences. The verse is made accessible by glossing on the page as well as by end glossary and each romance is prefaced with an introduction to its literary history and provenance.
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Praca ukazuje problem relacji między pisownią a wymową w języku angielskim w ujęciu fonetyków, nauczycieli wymowy, reformatorów pisowni oraz językoznawców.
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In this theoretical monograph, Edwin Williams demonstrates that when syntax is economical, it economizes on shape distortion rather than on distance. According to Williams, this new notion of economy calls for a new architecture for the grammatical system--in fact, for a new notion of derivation.
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